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How to make Botanical Ice Sculptures

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

These are great for all ages, free to make and are waste free. All you need is a range of natural materials either from the garden or go for a walk and collect them as you go. Please try and use fallen leaves/ twigs where possible and be respectful to the plants.

What you'll need

  • containers or moulds that can go into the freezer and are leak free.

  • natural materials

  • water

  • freezer or if it's cold enough leave them outside

Learning Opportunities

  • Sensory activity for babies and those with additional needs

  • Language Development

  • Comparing hot and cold

  • Great for learning about liquids and solids

  • Talking about shapes

How to

1. Pour water into your containers. 2. Then arrange your natural materials, bear in mind they will move with the water. 3. Place in the freezer or outside if it's cold enough. 4. Wait, they usually need overnight, depending on how much water you use. 5. When they're frozen solid, get them in from outside or the freezer, leave them until they melt a little, then you can pull them out from the container.

When you're finished, take a photo, share on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @NaturahomeUK. I'd love to see your natural sculptures, H x

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