Hello I'm Hannah, welcome to my space for all things natural.  I love being amongst nature and animals, and since my daughter came along I've become even more passionate about keeping chemicals out of my home and working with what nature gifts us.  

This is our space to share and learn about natural alternatives for the home, including health and skincare.  I am also a very proud Ambassador for Tropic Skincare.  I began using Tropic's Tamanu balm when my usual go to cream wasn't working for my daughter's eczema AND IT WORKED! I love that it is freshly made, vegan and made all from natural materials.  If you are interested in trying Tropic, I can help you find a suitable skincare routine, drop me a message, I'm happy to help. Or if you'd like to browse my shop click on the Topic Skincare link in the top menu. 

You will also find learning projects here, accessible for all ages and abilities.  I am a qualified teacher and I love working with children with additional needs. I am inspired by child led and functional learning and of course use natural materials wherever possible.  If you have any comments or questions I'd love to hear